SIT Results - Great Job!

We successfully exited System Integration Testing (SIT) on 23 December 2016. The results of SIT are:

• 471 individual test scenarios completed (100 percent to plan);
• Overall success rate of 97 percent; and
• A total of 184 defects were recorded during testing. We successfully resolved, retested and closed all defects excluding 23 medium defects.

BIR Demonstration Held

The Philippines Bureau of Inland Revenue (BIR) certification for Oracle successfully demonstrated on 11 January. The dedicated BIR team are working through any outstanding action items to complete the submission by the end of January.

A special thank you to Philippines staff for all their hard work.


What are 3 impacts to me?

1) Department codes for expenditure will change and follow the global standard. Speak to your manager for more information.

2) Cash advances will be by exception only.

3) Response times for IT support may vary. Support will be delivered using a global support model: Super Users, Service Desk and Regional/Global IT. Stay tuned for more information next month.


What are the technology benefits?

What’s coming up in February?

What’s coming up in February?

Departmental Transition Guides
Learn more about the impact of ATLAS to your
day to day work from 1 April.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for Super Users
13-24, Kuala Lumpur

March Training Schedule is Released
Pre-training work: Complete Oracle Navigation course (online).






Download the PDF version here.

Questions? Talk to your upline, head of Finance or email