Understanding the value of Conference Room Pilot (CRP)


ATLAS is scheduled to go-live in Japan and Malaysia as part of the APAC3 deployment in 2018. This time around, APAC3 will be adopting LEAN/Agile technology which places great importance on Conference Room Pilot (CRP). CRP is normally conducted in multiple phases, with the intention of performing gap analysis from the legacy system to the new software system.


What is CRP?

CRP provides a platform to build and test the business solution, document processes and most importantly identify and resolve pain points at an early stage. It also drives scope elements into build elements in a transparent manner while helping create a direction to achieve the desired output leading to better user experience and stakeholder satisfaction. The time spent at the beginning to examine the current processes and building new solutions based on needs will help to define the implementation process.


The below comparison provides a visual on the difference between the old ‘Waterfall’ methodology used in APAC1 and APAC2 and the LEAN/Agile methodology used in APAC3:


APAC Old Methodology

APAC Old Methodology

After LEAN Methodology

After LEAN Methodology


Why we are going LEAN?

  • Reduced timeline for Build phase from 11 months (currently) to 7 months (Lean)
  • Co-locate development and testing teams to reduce cycle time
  • Regionalized testing environment before SIT
  • Single environment for development, test and conversion
  • Improve flexibility within project team to react to changes
  • Market to gain early understanding of ATLAS solution


Impact on Market

  • There is minimal impact on the market as LEAN replaces the way the solution ‘Build Phase’ is done. The markets are involved earlier in the development process, as they would be required to review and validate CRP results to ensure that it meets their Business Requirements.


Visual Management in CRPs

Visual Management is an important component within CRPs as it provides a system to design, manage and improve flow systems for knowledge work. Teams can use visual management to update team members on progress during the solution ‘Build Phase’ and ensuring that any backlog remains documented and populated with items that are relevant and detailed by priority.



Every journey begins with the first step and Conference room pilot (CRPs) is a crucial first stage in the ERP implementation processes. When done systematically, CRP can help provide the framework for a successful implementation.