ATLAS Goes Live in APAC2 Markets - Korea and Indonesia


For two consecutive years, Amway Korea, ABG North Asia, Amway Indonesia and ASSC have worked hand-in-hand together with the Global ATLAS team, Regional IT and BSI teams to introduce a solution that achieves the benefits of a regional standardized system, while supporting local ABOs in their respective markets. With that purpose in mind, we are proud to have ATLAS go live in all the APAC2 markets on 1 November 2017.


Amway Korea President, Jang-Hwan Kim, and Amway Indonesia Country Manager, Koen Verheyen shared their excitement on the launch of ATLAS in their markets.


“I would like to thank the project team, especially the APAC BSI team and Ash for your contribution and dedication for over two years to create the ATLAS solution. I also really appreciate all the Super Users for your willingness to help wherever needed during the project. I understand you had to give up many holidays during test cycles to validate the system. With the launch of ATLAS, I’m sure our operational excellence will improve many-fold and subsequently, grow our company to its full potential,” said Amway Korea’s President, Jang-Hwan Kim.


Amway Indonesia Country Manager, Koen Verheyen shared his excitement during the launch as a momentous transition for the market.


“Today is a big day for all of us at Amway Indonesia. It is with sincere gratitude and warmth in our hearts that we say thank you to each one of you for the endless support and commitment you have demonstrated throughout this journey. I am very excited and looking forward to seeing ATLAS in action, helping us to be more effective and efficient in our processes to support the growth and success of our ABOs.”


The success of the event is also contributed by the market Super Users who have spent countless hours to test, validate the system and smoothen out the processes.



Moving forward, ATLAS will standardize dozens of different back end processes in finance, inventory and procurement. The new standardized processes will be supported by a best practice system, Oracle EBS (Enterprise Business Suite). As we work more efficiently and collectively as one team in Asia Pacific by automating manual transactions and standardizing our business processes, we become faster and more efficient in serving our ABOs.


 Latest Updates

  1. APAC2 (AKL, ABGNA, ID) completed its first month-end closing on 8 December with extended support from the ATLAS Project team. First Hypercare survey distributed to end users on 8 December.
  2. APAC3 (Japan, MSB, ASSC, AITS, ABG Singapore) first and second Conference Room Pilots (CRPs) for the newly applied LEAN/Agile solution build complete. CRP3 to be completed on 15 December.
  3. ATLAS APAC3 Super Users identified (96 in total from the markets, ASSC and AITS).
  4. APAC3 Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Organizational Change Management (OCM) Deep Dive held 28 - 29 August. AITS Organizational Change Management (OCM) Deep Dive planned for January 2017.