Global Business Transformation Initiative

ATLAS is a global business transformation initiative that is standardizing dozens of different back-end processes across the Amway world in:


  • finance and accounting;
  • indirect procurement and direct
  • procurement for localized sourced items;
  • order management and fulfillment; and
  • finished goods inventory and logistics.


The new standardized processes will be supported by a best practice system (Oracle Enterprise Business Suite).


How will ATLAS benefit you?


  1. Learn new skills: Learn new skills in Oracle, a software system used by other leading companies such as General Electric, McDonald’s, Pepsi and Dell. These new skills could lead to professional growth opportunities.


  1. Value-added work: ATLAS will allow you to focus on more value-added work to better support ABOs. This is because we will shift from time-consuming manual work to more automated processing.


  1. Share best practices: ATLAS increases our ability to speak a “common language” from market-to-market as we come to use the same standardized processes and system. This will help you to share best practices and collaborate.


  1. Faster, more focused: By standardizing and automating our back-end processes, we can become faster and more focused on helping ABOs. This will be especially true for ABOs whom have businesses in multiple markets.



How will ATLAS benefit Amway?


  1. $29 – $60 million in annual benefits: ATLAS has the potential to deliver $29 – $60 million in annual benefits to Amway once fully implemented. These benefits can be re-invested to help us double the number of Platinums by 2025.


  1. Standardized processes: Amway is shifting to a process-based organization adopting standardized processes in every market. These processes were designed on best practice and will enable us to better operate as a global company.


  1. Stay competitive: ATLAS will help us to stay competitive by automating transaction processing, providing greater controls and more reliable data. Common processes and a common solution will help our leaders to more easily compare performance and drive efficiency.


  1. Modern technology: Oracle is a modern system that will provide a modern experience for employees. It will eventually replace AS400 which was first launched way back in 1988.



What is the status of ATLAS implementation in APAC?


  • We are on track. Solution Confirmation for all markets is in progress and scheduled to end mid July 2016. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the affiliates all across APAC and the Corporate support.
  • Our first market to go live is Philippines in April 2017.


** Visit ATLAS Now or speak to your Head of Finance.