APAC1 conditionally exits HyperCare after Philippines goes live in April

For more than 18 months, the Philippines and ASSC teams have worked together with the Global ATLAS, Regional IT and BSI teams to develop and implement a solution that achieves the benefits of regional standardization and supports local ABOs in the Philippines.


This dedication and committment culminated in the APAC 1 Philippines go-live on the 1st of April.


A cross-country celebration event was held in Philippines and Kuala Lumpur on 3 April to mark ATLAS' go-live and recognize the tremendous work and dedication of the teams in the two locations – Philippines and ASSC, KL.


Philippines Country Manager, Leni Olmedo, shared her excitement during the launch as she feels privileged to be the first market in APAC to implement ATLAS.


"I consider this as a badge of honor – thanks to the Philippines and BSI ATLAS team, it is a great showcase of teamwork and agility at its finest. I admire the team's resilience and relentless pursuit of the common end goal: the successful first ATLAS Go-Live on April 1, “down any road, at any cost”!


ATLAS will help standardize dozens of different back end processes in finance, inventory and procurement. The new standardized processes will be supported by a best practice system, Oracle EBS (Enterprise Business Suite). As we work more efficiently and collectively as one team in Asia Pacific by automating manual transactions and standardizing our business processes, we become faster and more efficient in serving our ABOs.


The BSI, COE, Regional and Solution team members were stationed in Philippines and Kuala Lumpur to provide extended support to end users during go-live, as well as across month end closing cycles. The 3-month Hypercare period started from the date of go-live, 1 April. We received approval to conditionally exit ATLAS APAC1 (Philippines) Hypercare on 23 June.


 Thank you to the entire team as well as Regional and Global leadership for making our first ATLAS go live a big success and we look forward to more successes with the rest of the implementations.



  • HyperCare for APAC1 (Philippines) exited conditionally on 23 June 2017
  • ATLAS APAC2 SuperUser Orientation completed from 22 - 26 May
  • ATLAS APAC 2 System Integration Testing (SIT) will run from from July 10 – 28.
  • Role mapping workshop for AKL & Busan completed between 3 to 7 July