Testing, Testing: What is the ATLAS testing approach?

Why is testing important?

  • Testing a new system allows us to detect and resolve any problems early on. It’s part of our commitment to delivering a quality system to meet the needs of your market and ABOs. There are three vigorous cycles of testing our new system, Oracle, before it can be ‘switched on’ in your market.


The cycles are:

  • Pre-System Integration Testing (Pre-SIT)
  • System Integration Testing (SIT)
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)


What is Pre-SIT (previously known as FUT)?

  • Pre-SIT is the first test cycle to validate the system (Oracle) for a new market. It is known as a readiness test cycle to prepare for System Integration Testing (SIT). The testing is conducted by the BSI team and dedicated ATLAS deployment team.


What is SIT?

  • SIT is the final stage of confirmation for the new system. The purpose of SIT is to test the integration of the new system with local and global systems. It is a mock execution of a cutover plan (plan to go-live in a market).


What is UAT?

  • It is the final test cycle and is known as a dress-rehearsal of a cutover plan. During UAT, selected employees from the market will test the new system alongside their Super Users (market and ASSC staff whom receive additional training). It is scenario-driven testing, employees conduct everyday tasks and activities in the new system. ATLAS Philippines will begin UAT on 13 February until 24 February.


ATLAS Philippines Pre-SIT is complete!

  • ATLAS Philippines successfully exited Pre-SIT on 16 November 2016. The completion rate of the 1607 test scenarios is 99%, well above the global exit criteria of 80%.
  • ATLAS Philippines SIT will run from 5 – 23 December at the Amway Shared Service Centre (ASSC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The BSI team, dedicated deployment team and ATLAS Super Users will use test scripts based on everyday transactions to ensure the new system integrates with other local and global partner systems.


Thank you Super Users, BSI team and deployment team for your hard work and commitment!


What are 5 major impacts of ATLAS for me?

1) New employee claims/expenses process.

2) A large learning curve for you as we shift from manual/paper to automatic/online business processes.

3) New processes to pay suppliers and receive goods/services.

4) Approval of expenditure will follow the Financial Authorization & Control (FAC) global process. This may be different to your market HR hierarchy structure.

5) IT support will be provided using a new global support model. The response times may be different to the current response time.


What is the status of ATLAS implementation in APAC?

  • System Integration Testing (SIT) for Philippines from 5 – 23 December.
  • Review and approval of Functional Specification Document (MD050).
  • The first stage of the Philippines Bureau of Inland Revenue (BIR) certification (one of their key local legal requirements for an accounting system implementation) is complete. The next step is to begin preparation for a system demonstration.