1. ATLAS will help us to work as one team to drive ABO growth by standardizing dozens of different back-end processes in Finance, Inventory and Procurement.

2. ATLAS is a development opportunity. Staff can learn new skills and become even more valuable to Amway by adopting an industry leading software (Oracle) used by General Electric, McDonald’s, Pepsi and Dell.

3. ATLAS has the potential to deliver $29 – $60 million in annual benefits to Amway once fully implemented. The benefits can be re-invested to help us double the number of Platinums (AmwayNEXT).

4. ATLAS will help us stay competitive by automating transaction processing, providing greater controls and more reliable data. This will mean we can become faster and more efficient.

5. For most employees, you will only see small changes for your expense reports and purchase requisitions. For Finance and Supply Chain employees, there will be a larger impact but we will support you with comprehensive training.


What is the status of ATLAS implementation in APAC?

• Solution Confirmation for all markets is complete with all the necessary requirements and design documents approved.

• ATLAS Super Users and Change Agents for Philippines appointed.

• Review of APAC-2 (Korea/Indonesia) Functional Design document in progress and development for APAC-2 to begin.

• Functional Unit Test started on 19th September 2016