Why is Change Management important?

  • 45% of technology projects fail because people were not ready for the new technology;
  • The pace of change is increasing in our business;
  • Enables the successful implementation of strategy and projects to support ABOs; and
  • Centralizes the importance of our employees to help create an agile company achieving profitable and sustainable growth.

 Benefits of Change Management

  • Employees achieve goals on time and on budget with minimal resistance;
  • Employee productivity can remain unchanged during the change;
  • Risks associated with the change are reduced; and
  • Organization learns how to change and is better able to change effectively in the future.

 What is Amway’s approach?

  • Amway has developed a Change Management program to successfully manage how individuals, as part of the Amway enterprise, accept, implement and work through change.
  • Visit Amway University here or contact the BSI Change Management team bsi.ocm@amway.com for further details.



Amway’s Change Management Framework provides an overview of the activities that may be integrated at different stages of the project to manage change. The tools within the framework can be used for this purpose.


The Global Change Management program has been developed to be used on all business strategies to support people as they go through the change.


This is the framework developed for Amway’s Global Change Management program. Our goal is to keep the program simple, yet develop the process and tools necessary to ensure success.