Recently, the BSI Organizational Change Management team organized the ATLAS Super User Orientation workshop for APAC2 SuperUsers from Korea and Indonesia. Held in the BSI office in Kuala Lumpur, the session was organized to help the selected Super Users understand their roles and responsibilities, and give them a first taste of the ATLAS implementation.

BSI Director, Atsushi Ash Suzuki and PMO and Director of ATLAS Deployments, SK Park, welcomed the Super Users on Day 1 and was very appreciative with everyone’s commitment for this session.


“Thank you very much for being here. Your role as Super Users is a critical role within the implementation, as you will be involved in the activities that are happening, such as the testing and training. And we will be depending on you as well – as the first point of contact for your respective markets, you will help people to understand how to use this new system, and helping them with their work after go-live. So thank you very much, and know that we will support you in this journey,” said Ash.


Indonesia and Korea will be the second and third markets to embrace ATLAS in Asia Pacific, after Philippines officially went live with ATLAS in April 2017.


Speaking at the Super User Orientation workshop via Skype, SK Park gave the audience a quick introduction of ATLAS. “ATLAS is an ERP project for back end standardization and innovation, and we hope that this new system will help Amway grow from strength to strength, so we can better serve and contribute to our ABOs.”


The 5-day session began with an introduction of ATLAS and how Super Users play a pivotal part in cascading the necessary expertise and knowledge to their respective markets. The session also provided an overview of Oracle, plus the testing cycles of the System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


The BSI team also provided several simulations to give the Super Users an idea of what the system looked like. The simulation processes covered Basic Oracle Navigation, and a few other commonly used modules.

Hanwoom Park, an Associate Inventory Planner for Amway Korea and a Super User for the Korea market said, “The Super User orientation session has given me some insight into what ATLAS is all about. It was a very useful session, and I believe everyone found value in what has been offered throughout the week.


Two Super Users from Indonesia, Iswanto Rahardi and Yohanes Nabut, were very happy with the content throughout the week.


“Before we can help our colleagues back home to understand ATLAS, we have to be fully prepared and confident. This session has given us more assurance to face the change during the entire transition phase, as it provides awareness of future processes, the new process flows and its requirements.”


Some of the statistics from the feedback form at the end of the week echoed the above sentiments.

  • 85.37% of Super Users were pleased with the content and the materiall
  • 97.56% have understood their roles & responsibilities better with the content of our Super User Orientation
  • 92.68% of attendees felt the Orientation was helpful in their preparation for upcoming activities

 We hope that all Super Users will be successful in their roles, and they can always reach out to the BSI team for and support.


APAC2 System Integration Testing (SIT) Update

Our APAC2 Super Users were in the BSI office (Kuala Lumpur) for three weeks from 11-28 August 2017 to conduct the System Integration Testing. The overall status for SIT is green with:

  • Overall Completion to Planned (all scenarios) – 99%
  • Overall Success Rate (all scenarios) – 97%

A huge thank you to all our Super Users for their dedication and commitment throughout the three weeks.