Who are we? We are a small but mighty team that serves internal clients in an advisory capacity. We offer specialized change management consulting expertise to guide leaders and project teams with successful execution of change initiatives. Simply put? If you have a need to implement change and it is going to impact people in some way, shape, or form – call us.


Have a large-scale program that requires different levels of support? Contact the experts on the team about the Consulting Services available. The team can help define your starting point and get you rolling with workshops, training, and consultation that introduces you to the myriad tools available to support your initiative.

Jeff is our Lead Change Management Specialist on loan from the Corporate Market Research Group and is responsible for APAC and Greater China’s Change Management needs.


Kelly is our Lead Change Management Specialist and responsible for EIA and America’s Change Management needs.


Andy is the Lead Communications Specialist for Employee Communications and drives awareness for the Change Management Practice through myriad channels and vehicles.



Amway’s four step Change Management methodology is scalable and easy-to-use and has AmwayNEXT and people in mind every step of the way. The newly enhanced Change Management Institute (Jam) offers a wealth of tools, resources, and discussions to help you determine what you need and where to start. 

The fact is, change happens whether we want it or not. As a company and as individuals, we have to be better prepared to deal with change and that starts by bringing people along from the very start. Don’t get all the way to the end of a big change only to realize you forgot to consider the people affected by the change, whether big or small.


There are two ways for you to get started and it doesn’t matter whether your project is a large, corporate-driven initiative or a smaller, team-driven program or if you are leading the charge or simply along for the ride. The Change Management Team is here to consult and guide you and bring the approach to life OR you can explore for yourself. Either way, join the conversation on the Change Management Institute where you can share and learn from your peers from around the world.

If you have a need that may not warrant the entire process, try the Do-it-Yourself approach.  With this method you can independently explore and study application of Amway's Change Management Methodology. The new Applied Learning Series is a great way to learn the steps of change management and how to implement the principles into your project.

Life has one certainty; change. It happens. Every day. In all aspects of our lives. We can’t go anywhere without it. Not up, down, or around. George Bernard Shaw summed it up best: “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”