Data quality is important to our business


Good data drives better business decisions. The more accurate our data, the better our sales, marketing and financial decisions can be. In fact, good data can be used again and again. It is completely recyclable!

Whilst bad data is the opposite. It costs our business. As the old data saying goes: ‘garbage in garbage out’. Maintaining good data requires ownership, resources and discipline. The better the business processes are, the better the data!

The goal of the BSI Data Quality team is to engage and partner with affiliates to improve the quality of data. As data is one of the key elements when implementing a new business solution,it involves verifying the quality of data, ensuring good quality data is used when we install our new systems and ensuring data quality is maintained in the future.



 Data Stewards – Roles & Responsibilities

• Accountable for defining and enforcing the enterprise standard of each logical data element.

• Ensure data elements comply with the enterprise data standards, policies and principles.

• Ensure data elements have the correct and complete documentation outlined by data management.

• Analyze the root cause of data quality issues and propose necessary changes to processes or technology.

• Ensure the data creators have the appropriate level of knowledge on business processes for each data element and provide appropriate training to maintain data quality.




Thanks to all our dedicated Data Stewards!