In the Spotlight with....Sheila


Meet Sheila Fernandez, fondly known as ‘Tey Tey’ or ‘AJ’. Sheila is someone who you would think is shy and timid, but appears to be one of the coolest people you will know after you start talking to her. In this edition, Sheila speaks about her role in BSI, her love for Korean dramas and her hidden talent!


What is your role at BSI?

I am a Lead Business Analyst with the Data Management team. I am mainly responsible in the areas of Item Data Cleansing for RedPrairie/JDE and ATLAS. My role is to also help determine actions and steps for data cleansing related activities and provide process improvement solutions for the APAC region.


What are 3 words to describe BSI?


  • ‘With BSI, there is work-life balance’: I have chosen this career path and the desired flexibility is highly dependable on that, as some jobs easily flex to fit our lifestyle. Of course, there is travel and round-the-clock demands, but I still find BSI gives me the satisfaction of striking a balance between work, family and other personal commitments.


  • ‘Culturally Diversified’: As BSI caters for all the APAC markets, it is only natural to have colleagues from various background, ethnic and gender. I believe that BSI provides a platform to work with culturally diverse work teams and such teams provides multiple perspectives which subsequently boost the department’s performance and productivity.


  • ‘BSI fosters innovation’: It is fulfilling to be part of an organization which aims to instill innovation, which promotes more effective means of strategies and technology for the APAC market. I feel empowered to be part of this organization as it is slowly eradicating Amway’s legacy processes to an advanced, standardized system and progressions for all the markets.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Typically, I check my emails first thing in the morning and attend to urgent requests immediately. Besides that, I also coordinate and work closely with Data Stewards, Functional teams and other stakeholders within Amway.


What are your accomplishments at work?

First and foremost, I’m happy to be part of BSI. It’s an accomplishment by itself to be part of an organization which is the pillar and support to all the other markets throughout the project implementation. Being here and witnessing the successful go-lives from one market to another gives me immense fulfillment and that I would consider as an achievement!



How do you try to work best with the affiliates or ABOs?

Everyone in BSI knows the importance of ‘Nemawashi’. Since I work closely with affiliates across APAC, I believe this successful trait would strengthen and develop a harmonious working relationship.


Sheila and her beautiful sisters!

Sheila and her beautiful sisters!


Do you have a nickname?

My family and relatives calls me ‘Tey Tey’ while my friends in high school calls me by the name of ‘AJ’. There is a long story behind that nickname but for now I wish to save it!


Best vacation you have been to?

Being at home (Philippines) itself is the best vacation! My idea of the best, priceless vacation is to be with my family and enjoy my mom’s homecooked food. I have been working away from home ever since I graduated, so I look forward to head back home to unwind and catch up with my family members and friends.


What’s your favorite quote?

“There is a time for everything and everything happens for a reason and someday everything will all make perfect sense”


What do you do in your spare time, your hobby etc.?

During my spare time, I love watching Korean dramas, listening to music and visiting the spa. I hang out with my friends and churchmates and do many activities together like shopping, watching movies and playing badminton.



What is your hidden talent?

Oh, that’s a secret. I love singing but I’m not stage ready. I need more practice. I guess it runs in the family, we all have wonderful voice!


What is it that people in BSI don’t know about you but you would like them to know?

The first impression you might have when you see me for the first time is – Sheila is shy, timid and reserved. But once I get comfortable with someone, I can go little bit crazy and I think I have a great sense of humor!