In the Spotlight with...Youngbin

Meet Youngbin Kim, fondly known as YB or Binibin! He is known as one of the most good looking chaps around. Not only that, he comes across as a very friendly person and a smart one too. In this edition, YB speaks about his love for RedPrairie and his favourite vacation ever!


What is your role at BSI?

I am a Business Analyst in D2D (Design to deliver) team for RedPrairie. I do configure, test (SIT, UAT), implement the system, and provide SME trainings and hypercare to the market.


What are 3 words to describe BSI?

*Pioneer : We cooperate with our affiliates to provide solutions that they have never experienced, and try to find optimal processes with these changes.

*Globalization : I believe one of our main goal is to connect all the affiliates with 1 system solution, come up with globalized processes, and become true global company.

*Avengers : We definitely do have a lot more super heroes than there are in the movie, but I believe each and every one of our members are experts who works as a 1 strong team to accomplish all their missions and save the world (successfully implement the systems.


What does a typical day look like for you?

With project specification, I travel a lot, so the location may differ very often, but typically, I start out with my mandatory morning coffee, communicate with my team and our fellow affiliate members to ask about their well-being, check my emails, work throughout the day depending on what phase of project we are in (SIT, UAT, etc.), with a working lunch.



How has Amway evolved for the past 35 years?

I have been with Amway for 3.5 years now, but from what I have seen and experienced here, Amway is becoming more and more to be a true global company. I think the effort to build global standard processes, matrix organization, and globalizing the business systems (Go BSI!) are significantly contributing our company to be the global company.


What are your best moments /accomplishments at work?

My best moments at work were always the RedPrairie Go-Live day on every market we have been to. I have never had a child, but it gives me a feeling of sending my precious baby off to the college. Though I feel nervous sending them out to the world alone, I did feel confident in all my SMEs and were very proud of them.  If I were to pick the most memorable one, it would be Indonesia where due to some immigrations issue, I was the only BSI SME there to handle onsite go-live.


How do you try to work best with the affiliates or ABOs?

When I meet our affiliate people, I consider them as my friends and not my business partners only. I chat and joke a lot with them to break the ice, and make myself available if they want to talk.


Whats your nickname?

I have many nicknames associated with my name. They are YB, Ben, Bin, Binibin, Binman, Binster, and Old Bin. I like all of them except the OLD BIN!


What is the best vacation you’ve been to?

Italy! I went there when I was younger, and I was very shocked to see all the history and structures like Colosseum and Vatican. I liked the Venice the most.


Whats your favorite quote?

"It's not over until I win"


What do you do on your spare time, your hobby etc.?

During my spare time, I go out for a drive with my friends, find good restaurants, play pool, and drink! I like listening to music, watch movies and play futsal.


What is your hidden talent?

This is secret, but I am very good at seducing my friends to choose the meal menu of my choice.


What is it that people in BSI don’t know about you but you would like them to know?

I think people who have seen me a lot know, but for people who haven't met me before, I may look like I don't talk a lot, but I am a talkative person, so if you want to chat and laugh, I am there for you.