In the Spotlight with...Evelyn Chan

Meet Chan Mei Ling, fondly known as Evelyn Chan. She is one of the most EXPERIENCED people around, with Amway for 38 years and still counting. Also known as the BIG sister or ‘Taikache’ in Mandarin, Evelyn is full of energy and one of the many familiar faces who has seen Amway evolve for almost four decades. In this edition, Evelyn speaks about her involvement with BSI, her experience with ABOs and her experience seeing the magical glaciers in Alaska!


  1. What is your role in BSI?
  • I am a Lead Business Analyst with the DE (Distributor Experience) Team. I am mainly responsible for Processes & Data collection, Business Requirement documentation, Order Management system, Distributors Management System for ATLAS and hybris. In a nutshell, any processes/data that impacts ABOs.


  1. What are 3 words to describe BSI?
  • Definitely I can see the BSI Team as a gathering of expertise from different markets and regions working together to provide markets with:
    • Big Vision: a renewed vision of where the business is moving à towards better technology!
    • Innovation: We are changing from the legacy (ways) and moving forward to better ideas, better methodology and processes..
    • Synergy: There is cooperation between two or more organizations (us, project deployment teams, markets) to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. (sounds philosophical....right??)


  1. What does a typical day look like for you?
  • One thing for sure, there are so many meetings in BSI. First thing in the morning, I check my calendar schedule for the day’s meetings. After that, read through all the emails….there are so many emails!


  1. How has Amway evolved over the past 35 years?
  • I am in my 38th year…….hahaha…and still going “strong”! In all my years spent in Amway Malaysia, my work evolves around people and not computers!
  • Work is very interactive with ABOs and staff. Managing a team of frontline staff in the Call Center has given me much experience in “EQ” (Emotional Intelligence).
  • Handling processes and controls in my former role has given me a lot of experience to “translate” to my current BSI experience.
  • Most importantly, over the years I have made many friends. ABOs are my friends, they are not just ABOs.
  • Amway (globally) is still a very dynamic and performance driven company. I am proud to be a staff of the Amway Corporation. Here is a company who still demonstrates its values and fundamentals. Staff (new and old) go through a familiarization program and are “taught” about the Founders Values and Fundamentals. Actually these are the values in life which we all need to “own”.


5. Best moment / accomplishment at work?

  • There are so many. I see myself as a positive person, hence there are many, many best moments that I can cherish. Too many to count. Oh yes….there was one recent event...I was the emcee for the ALS (Annual Leadership Seminar) held in Auckland. I had the whole audience (and they are the Top leaders of the country) laughing with my comical act…and what’s more…being the emcee, I was able to invite the Amway’s Top Management to dance on the stage !!! It was hilarious! One of a kind experience!


6. How do you try to work best with the affiliates or ABOs?

  • I am naturally a cheerful and bubbly person that loves to interact. Coupled with my work experience, I am able to stand in their position, or “walk in their shoes”, understand, and empathize with their work environment. In that manner, they see me as a partner.


7. Best vacation you’ve been to?

  • I love travelling and I have explored many places. From Sri Lanka to Aktyubinsk (Russia).
  • Best of all, I like the Alaskan cruise - being able to watch the natural wonders that are the majestic ice glaciers up close…..watching the dolphins, seeing the salmons swimming upstream and lots more…


8.What’s your favorite quote?

  • It is always better to make friends than to make enemies.


 9. What’s your nickname?

  • Big sister (look at my size !!)
  • ABOs like to call me BIG SISTER  (in Chinese)


10. What do you do in your spare time?

  • I love to teach and tell stories. I am active in my church – very involved in kids activities. I love reading and of course, lately I like watching Korean drama!


11. What is your hidden talent?

  • Oooooo…too many to tell! Yet to know me….to discover my many talents! (Note: I am always one of the winners in the Company’s Talent Time or Best Dressed events!)