In the Spotlight with...Khairul Izwan

Meet Khairul Izwan Sukur, a cheerful personality who’s full of life, smart and fun. Never short of smile (flashing his megawatt smile each time we walk across his workstation!), Izwan is a great addition to our young and energetic BSI team.


1. Why BSI and what’s your role in BSI?

I was offered to be part of Record-to-Report (RTR) team by Yong -Nyuh Kim, the lead for RTR track. Given the magnitude of the project (ATLAS), I feel this is the best avenue to push myself out of a comfort zone to grow personally and professionally. My role is to ‘connect the bridge’ between ATLAS and the business and understand its requirement. For e.g. the requirement for each country’s tax regime and translate into Business Process Deviation (BDP), which is pivotal to provide solution and testing to ensure ATLAS fits for each and every market. Today, I’m the contact point for three markets - Philippines, Thailand and ASSC.


2. What is your best moment at work?

When being appreciated when you do right, and not being penalized fully for doing wrong, instead getting guidance from upline to do the right thing. Being the chairperson in Process Assessment Workshop (PAW) just after a few days joining BSI for RTR and DTD session was a great achievement. It was challenging but  I was honored to have the trust.


3. What is that one trait you should possess working in an environment with a mixture of cultural differences, background and style of work?

There is not one, but two traits that everyone should live by – trust and respect. In BSI context, I believe these element is important in ensuring a good working relationship with your affiliates as well as other counterpart.


4. How do you find BSI after almost a year?

Pretty challenging as we need to adapt to changes and at the same time, advocate the importance of changes and execute the plan appropriately.

5. Tell me about your family.

I’m married to a lovely woman, Hakimah, for eight years and I have two beautiful princesses - Khaleesya Humaira, 6 and Khaireena Hani, 5. My wife works as a General Specialist who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease amongst elderly people, also known as geriatrician. I feel lucky to have her as a life partner because despite having two different personality, I believe we complement each other so well. Opposite definitely attracts!


6. What’s the best vacation you have ever taken and what’s next in your bucket list?

I went solo backpacking to Istanbul, Turkey and visited exceptionally breathtaking places there - Pamukkale and Antalya. Another trip worth mentioning is my honeymoon tour to Phuket, as it marks my first scuba diving experience, where I discovered a great variety of ocean life. I’m looking forward to explore Europe and South America continents.


7. What’s your hidden talent?

While residing in Korea and learning the language, I decided to participate in a Korea singing competition where I belted out a descent Korea number, (Viva My Love), which was originally sung by (Lee Ki Chan). I walked away with the first prize and a trip to Cheju Island in Korea!


8. What’s that one quote you live by?

It has got to be Warren Buffet’s business wisdom “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”. It has always been my work mantra and I believe it has in a way, helped me excel in what I do.