Amway Japan's Global Shop Replenishment (GSR) Gearing Up for UAT

Global Shop Replenishment (GSR) team in Japan is getting ready for the User Acceptance Test (UAT) scheduled from 7 to 25 May 2018. This UAT will be performed by the Super Users, with the support from Corporate and APAC SMEs. It is an important stage to:


  1. Determine whether the system meets the business requirements
  2. Check for any issues and fix them before Go-Live date
  3. Provide further system hands-on experience for users


As the go-live dates for GSR in Amway Japan has been set in July this year; i.e. 9 July for the Demand Go-Live and 30 July for Fulfillment Go-Live, the project progress is indeed looking well with the support of everyone involved.



Looking back in February, GSR arrived in Japan with a kick-off meeting held from 20 to 23 February 2018.  During the meeting in Amway Japan's office, the GSR Corporate team and Business Systems Implementation (BSI) team provided the GSR implementation information and demonstrated JDA to the Planning team for the first time.

Since the workshop, the following activities have taken place for Japan:


  • Level 1 Training: Supply Chain Planning Basics to the Super Users and End Users on Global Standards in Forecasting & Planning Concepts (6 – 9 March)
  • System Integration Testing by the Corporate and APAC SMEs (5 – 30 March)
  • Level 2 Training: Introduction to JDA to the Super Users and End Users on using JDA Tools for Forecasting & Replenishment Planning (26 March – 6 April)
  • Level 3 Training: A Day in the Life to the Super Users on performing daily, weekly, and monthly Forecasting & Planning tasks within JDA (9 – 27 April)


Following the Level 3 Training to the Super Users, the same training to the End Users will also be held from 28 May to 29 June after the UAT. As for GSR we are implementing Train-the-Trainer approach, hence this upcoming training for the End Users will be conducted by the Japan's Super Users, supported by the regional SMEs. It will be a great opportunity for knowledge sharing based on the users' roles at work. 


~ Kenjiro Yamamoto (Supply Chain Planning Leader, Amway Japan)

"GSR has helped other markets in supporting our ABOs by providing the right product, in the right place, at the right time. I want to encourage my team to continuously support this initiative so that we in Japan too will be able to be more effective and efficient in our inventory replenishment processes, between our distributions centers as well as to the shops. Let us all work together to make this a success!"

~Rika Yamada (Fulfillment Super User, Amway Japan)

"From all the trainings I have attended so far, I can see how GSR will be helpful in my day-to-day job. Moving from manual excel sheets to an automatic system will be very convenient and save a lot of time! I am also lucky to have this opportunity to learn the same system used by other top notch companies. The interface is also very organized, easy to navigate and it will be great to share more with my other colleagues later."