The month of June saw the Global Shop Replenishment (GSR) Corporate team and Business Systems Implementation (BSI) team come together to organize the GSR Korea kick-off meeting. Held from 13-16 June, the visit was organized to provide GSR implementation information and demonstrate JDA to the Planning team for the first time.


 “We are standardizing processes across the market to follow the supply chain best practice; ultimately, we want to increase efficiency, and reduce manual work, such as the use of Excel spreadsheets. The end goal is of course to improve ABO experience. We hope everyone can join hands to support this implementation, an d always remember that we are here to support you throughout this journey,” said Deb Parme, Vice President, APAC Regional Supply Chain.


Korea will be the third market to embrace JDA in Asia Pacific, after Malaysia officially went live with JDA in September 2016 and Thailand in June 2017.


“Thank you very much, we truly appreciate your efforts in in organizing the GSR kick-off meeting. By giving us an overview of the system, details on testing and training, as well as showing us a live demonstration of JDA, we believe that we will be well-supported throughout the implementation,” said Bo-kyung Ko, Manager of the AKL Supply Chain Planning team.


Speaking at the kick-off meeting, Gaby Gutierrez, Global Program Manager from Supply Chain COE said: “I would like to credit the solid foundation of the global-region-market partnership for coming together in ensuring JDA is implemented smoothly. Setbacks are aplenty, but we are learning along the way and I believe the JDA implementation in Korea will be our best yet!”

Gaby also shared the reason behind the implementation.


“While GSR aims to help with planning, it will NOT solve all of your problems – it will only address SOME of your pain points. GSR could be a starting point in changing some of the current processes to follow global standards and perhaps ultimately this could lead to even better results,” she said.


JDA is one of the best supply chain tools which enable a more effective, efficient and timely execution of inventory replenishment from the warehouse to the shops. Besides providing better forecasting accuracy and optimized inventory, JDA improves the ABO experience by aiming to deliver the right amount of products at the right time and in the right shops for our ABOs.


The workshop also saw Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) conducting pre-training assessments to assess each planner’s skillset and understanding of both Supply Chain processes as well as the use of JDA tool.


One of the SMEs and Fulfillment Planner, Hyunji Cho said: “The pre-training assessment session was essential to elicit information on planner’s knowledge, background and skillset. This is helpful in order for us to provide a tailored approach for their training, to ensure they are supported throughout the way and their transition is a smooth one.”


An overview of Change Management, as well as an OCM plan tailor-made for Korea was also shared with the team. Moving forward from this workshop, project activities will be commencing, especially on testing and training activities, and go-live for Korea is set for 6 Nov 2017.



GSR Korea System Integration Testing (SIT) – 10 July to 28 July 

  • GSR SIT will be conducted together with ATLAS team to ensure integrations are seamless


GSR Korea Level 1 Training – 17 July to 28 July

  • Attended by Super Users and End Users
  • Trainer: Suehyun Jue, Affiliate Liaison, Regional Supply Chain Planning
  • Venue: Amway Korea, Seoul



GSR Korea Level 2 Training – 31 July to 11 Aug 

  • Attended by Super Users and End Users
  • Trainer: APAC SMEs
  • Venue: Amway Korea, Seoul


GSR Korea Level 3 Training for Super User – 14 Aug to 1 Sep

  • Attended by Super Users
  • Trainer: APAC SMEs
  • Venue: Amway Korea, Seoul and ABG Busan