JDA is Now Live for Malaysia and Brunei

After many months of hard work, preparations and occasional frustrations, we are pleased to announce that the JDA Shop Replenishment system went live for Malaysia and Brunei at 8:35am on Tuesday, 6 September 2016.


We want to recognize everyone involved for pulling through amidst the challenges of this project and we truly appreciate each and everyone’s hard work, dedication and commitment in ensuring we are finally here today, as the first market in Asia Pacific to go live with the Shop Replenishment Planning tool from JDA.


Atsushi ‘Ash’ Suzuki, BSI Director, said “Whenever we roll out any major system, there are inevitably many challenges to overcome and JDA was no exception. We always learn more from a tough project than from an easy project. That said, the Malaysia and Brunei team was exceptional in showing utmost patience, belief and commitment. We will repay this positive spirit with dedicated support and help over the coming days,

weeks and months.”


JDA is a leading shop replenishment system that allows shop planners to anticipate market needs through accurate forecasting of future demand. Ng Sze Shong, Head of Supply Chain, Malaysia, also touched on the anticipated benefits of a better shop replenishment planning system.

“With the introduction of JDA Shop Replenishment in our market from both the new business processes and IT solution perspectives, we will be able to deliver an improved ABO experience by better ensuring ABOs can have the right product in the right place at the right time. Going live is the first step.  Now we can focus on maximizing the benefits of this new system with applied experience. I would like to thank Fanny Thoo and the Malaysian Planning Team for your dedication, and also the BSI and Corporate teams for all the support provided. A job well done!”

Also supporting this project was Marc Van Pruijssen, Director of the Global Shop Replenishment Program, who recognized Malaysia as the JDA pioneer in APAC, and conveyed his message of encouragement all the way from Venlo, Netherlands.


“After the successful deployment of JDA earlier this year in Europe, the go live in Malaysia is a key milestone in our global roll out plan. Malaysia is the stepping-stone for this program into the Asia Pacific Region, where shops are a very substantial sales channel for ABOs. A successful deployment in Malaysia is crucial in ensuring the ability to move to the second APAC market, Thailand, later this year. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing commitment and perseverance!”


Hypercare and Support

  • Hypercare period ended on 26 September 2016. Moving forward, all issues will be escalated via the existing global support structure.