MAGIC 2.1 Comes to Asia Pacific!

We're excited to bring MAGIC 2.1 to Asia Pacific!


MAGIC 2.1 is the source of bonus calculation for ABO bonuses in Amway Philippines and Amway Vietnam following their successful go-lives on 1 August and 1 November respectively. Philippines were the third market to launch to launch MAGIC 2.1 after India and Scandinavia.


The MAGIC platform supports our AmwayNEXT pillar “Win with Total Experience” through improving bonus awards and tracking. The launch of MAGIC 2.1 will help improve processes and enhance the ABO experience such as:


  • Bonus completion can be made more than five days faster; and
  • Bonus calculation is in real time. The market will be able to provide an estimate to ABOs on how much they have earned at any point in the month when contacting Amway


Philippines Country Manager, Maria 'Leni' Olmedo, shared her thoughts on the latest system implementation in the Philippines.


“MAGIC 2.1 is a step closer to harmonizing our back-end bonus processing and in the long run improving the management of distributor lifecycle information. We are looking forward to leveraging the capabilities of MAGIC 2.1 to improve the tracking of ABO bonus information and deliver faster bonuses to our ABOs.”


Vietnam General Manager, Leo Boon Wang, shared his congratulations on the deployment.


“Congratulations to the Vietnam, Shared Service Centre, BSI and Global teams on making the MAGIC 2.1 go-live a success! MAGIC 2.1 will mean we can now calculate ABO bonuses in real time, not just once a month. It is the first step to helping us create a stronger system back-bone in Vietnam.”



What’s Next?

MAGIC 2.1 will be coming to Amway Indonesia and Amway Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei in early 2018. A kick off meeting was held in Amway Indonesia and Amway Malaysia on 15 and 17 November respectively to officially launch the project in the markets.


Latest Updates


  1. Vietnam MAGIC 2.1 launched 1 November. HyperCare is underway for the first two month-end closes. Amway Vietnam completed their first and second month end close successfully using MAGIC 2.1 on 2 November and 4 December. Hypercare exit scheduled for week of 18 December.
  2. Philippines MAGIC 2.1 successfully exited HyperCare on 27 October.
  3. Indonesia kick-off meeting held on 15 November. Training and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to begin in December for go-live in 1 February.
  4. MSB kick-off meeting held on 17 November. Training and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to begin in January for go-live on 1 March.
  5. Korea and Japan MAGIC 2.1 (includes the harmonized Retro Top-Up) build is underway.
Amway Indonesia kick-off

Amway Indonesia kick-off

Amway Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Kick-Off

Amway Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Kick-Off