Amway Korea MAGIC 2.1 Harmonized Retro-Top Up is now live

MAGIC 2.1 Harmonized Retro Top-Up went live in Amway Korea on 1 June.


The first End of Month (EOM) bonus processing was successfully completed on 6 June using the new MAGIC 2.1 platform. Amway Korea successfully paid ABO bonuses on 15 June (as planned) and completed their monthly rework Sponsor change on 20 June.


Global and BSI teams were based in Amway Korea and the Amway Shared Service Centre (ASSC) to provide additional support for the first EOM, working with the teams to quickly resolve any issues to ensure a smooth delivery of bonus payments and retro top-up for ABOs in Korea.


Sanghoon Park, Amway Korea Chief Finance Officer, thanked employees involved in the successful launch.  


"MAGIC 2.1 Harmonized Retro Top-Up is the fourth BSI implementation in Amway Korea. A real-time bonus calculation system opens new doors and creates opportunities for us to provide an even greater experience to our ABOs and the potential to deliver bonuses faster. Thank you to our Finance and Sales teams who dedicated their time and sacrificed weekends to test and verify results.”

Amway Korea are the sixth market to launch MAGIC 2.1 in Asia Pacific following successful deployments in Amway Philippines, Amway Vietnam, Amway Indonesia and Amway Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Amway Japan are the next market in 2018 to launch MAGIC 2.1 Harmonized Retro Top-Up.


Amway Korea entered Hypercare on 1 June. The BSI and Global MAGIC teams will provide extended support throughout the first three EOM bonus processing on MAGIC 2.1.


BSI and Global teams will continue to work closely with Amway Korea and the ASSC over the coming months to ensure the exceptional standard of ABO service and bonuses are maintained in Amway Korea.