What is MAGIC?

What is MAGIC?

  • MAGIC (primarily Managing Awards, Rewards, Growth, Incentives and Compensation) is a sales solution that covers ABO profiles, preferences and Lifecycle Management and multi-level marketing business intelligence.
  • In short, MAGIC is the future state of both the current DMS (Distributor Management System) and RMS (Remittance Management System)


What are the benefits of MAGIC to Amway?


[Benefit for Company and Employee]

  • Can manage both Distributor Management and Award & Reward Management together with a single platform.
  • Modern technology (no more AS400 ‘green screen’)
  • User friendly navigation compared to the current Legacy system(AS400)
  • User Configurable (without IT assistance)


[Benefits for ABOs]

  • Faster payments (Real Time Bonus)
  • Ties to MyBiz
  • Ties to SAM and CMP
  • Supports Party Model for Personalization


What's Next?

  • 2017 (Q1): APAC MAGIC Workshop to be conducted:
    • Meeting cadence in place with Corporate MAGIC Team
    • Agenda & Logistics is in progress
    • To review requirements gathering & Gap analysis through questionnaires initiated during the workshop
  • MAGIC 2.1 (Bonus) regional implementation timeline - draft being reviewed within BSI