RedPrairie continues its successful streak in APAC with go-lives in Malaysia & Singapore


RedPrairie continued to spread its wings in the APAC market by going live in Amway Malaysia and Amway Singapore on the 13th of November 2017.


The Malaysia go-live event was attended by Mike Duong, General Manager of Amway Malaysia, Magdeline Tay Swee Choo, Head of Supply Chain of Amway Malaysia, and Business Systems Implementation (BSI) Director, Atsushi ‘Ash’ Suzuki.


“Today we celebrate the transition to RedPrairie from the legacy system. Without the team’s unwavering support and perseverance, this wouldn’t be possible. Every single thing you do is very, very important to our business, as Supply Chain is no longer regarded as a back-end support in servicing our ABOs. It is a vital component to keep the business moving in the right direction,” said Mike Duong during his speech at the go-live event in Malaysia.


Commenting at the event which was held in Amway Malaysia headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Atsushi ‘Ash’ Suzuki, the BSI Director said, “Thank you for the tremendous effort and great collaboration that have enabled us to go-live in multiple warehouses concurrently – in Malaysia and Singapore. This event marks the start of a new transformation and I urge everyone to take ownership and fully maximize RedPrairie capabilities to build a comprehensive solution for your respective markets.”


Head of Supply Chain for Amway Malaysia, Magdeline Tay Swee Choo was also appreciative over her team’s hard work and commitment in making this a success.


“Thank you to everyone involved for your continuous support and dedication. I appreciate you clocking in long hours to make this happen. This is the start of a journey – let’s explore opportunities for further improvements and continue to excel with the support of RedPrairie. Congratulations once again to the wonderful team!”


At the Singapore market, Head of Sales and Operations of Amway Singapore, Mehboob Mohideen, also shared with us his appreciation for the commitment shown by the team.


“Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication - your continuous commitment to embrace RedPrairie to further improve our warehouse operations and provide excellent services to our ABOs is truly appreciated. My appreciation also goes out to project team for supporting us throughout this implementation.”


The goal of the transition was to replace the varied warehouse management legacy systems across Asia Pacific with one state-of-the-art, modern Warehouse Management System - RedPrairie. By having one standardized system, we will enable Amway to achieve better productivity, leading to greater ABO satisfaction.


Latest Update: RedPrairie exited Hypercare in both Malaysia and Singapore warehouses on 8 December 2017.


Key Organizational Change Management (OCM) Events for RedPrairie Implementation in Malaysia


OCM Deep Dive: 26 April

    • OCM Deep Dive was conducted in AMSB with all the RedPrairie SMEs from the Warehouse team. The session covered Overview of OCM, Change Impact Discussion, Communications Plan, Change Agent Training & Resistor Management Training.


OCM Deep Dive: 24 July

    • Another session of the OCM Deep Dive was conducted with Effie, the new warehouse manager, and newly appointed RedPrairie SMEs


SME Training: 13-22 June

    • Training for Amway Malaysia’s SME’s was conducted by BSI RedPrairie Trainer, Youngbin Kim


RedPrairie Korea: Sharing Experience with the Malaysia team: 27 July

    • The sharing session was conducted in Amway Malaysia and Amway Singapore
    • Korea Operations Strategic Planner, Seon Im-Kang (Clara) shared her experience, best practices and success factors gained from Korea’s RedPrairie implementation


System Integration Testing (SIT): 10 July – 11 August

    • RedPrairie Project team together with Amway Malaysia RedPrairie SMEs to test data flow and integration between RP dependent systems and devices.


End to End (E2E) Testing: 14 – 25 August

    • E2E testing was conducted by RedPrairie Project team and RP SMEs from Amway Malaysia.


Site Visit by Malaysia team to Busan Warehouse

    • Led by Effie Lim, Amway Malaysia’s Warehouse & Logistics Manager, the site visit served as a great learning experience for the Malaysia team. RedPrairie Malaysia’s Subject Matter Expert (SMEs), Muhammad Syukri Ahmad and Soma Sundram had the chance to see first-hand how RedPrairie is used in daily warehouse operations.
Site visit by MY team to Busan warehouse

Site visit by MY team to Busan warehouse

System Integration Testing (SIT) in Malaysia

System Integration Testing (SIT) in Malaysia

Korea: Sharing session with Amway MY & SG

Korea: Sharing session with Amway MY & SG

EUT Training in MY

EUT Training in MY