Yong-Nyuh Kim bids farewell to BSI after 2 wonderful years!


Yong-Nyuh Kim, RTR Manager, will be heading home to Korea after a successful two year stint in Malaysia with the Business Systems Implementation (BSI) Team and two year with shared service center. BSI Today writer, Devi Muniandy caught up with her to speak to her about her role in the past two years, and how she feels about leaving the country she has called home.


“So, let’s get this started soon. I only have 30 minutes so let’s keep it simple,” said Yong-Nyuh Kim, in typical YN style, as she cleared her table.


“Yea sure, I promise this won’t take too much of your time. So are you excited to finally go back after 4 years?” I asked.


“Yes I am, but I know my daughter will definitely miss Malaysia. She loves the food here and fitted in really well. The one thing I will miss is my team for sure,” YN reacted with a tinge of sadness on her face.


Both of us were sitting in her room, going over her four years in Malaysia – from taking on a role as the ABSAP Finance Manager in ASSC to being roped in as the BSI RTR track manager with the ATLAS project under her portfolio. Her excitement to head to her homeland was obvious but there was also good reason behind it.


“You know, I trust my team so much – they are stars in their own rights. I believe they are very independent, hence this decision,” said YN, who shares a personal rapport with her whole team.


A very capable woman, YN’s work in BSI resulted in many transformations and achievements.


Known for bringing a fresh perspective to situations with her critical thinking, YN successfully eliminated CODA cleansing required for Open AR AP conversion and GL conversion. By doing so, she abolished excessive workloads as well as the need to allocate additional resources.


YN has played a pivotal role in simplifying and eradicating unnecessary tasks for the BSI team. “We encountered endless interface issues from RMS to EBS. In March, I initiated an effort to modify the summary market and gained the stakeholders’ agreements. By doing this, the Philippines’ ATLAS Hypercare was much more manageable, and we were able to allocate resources to support other modules.”


“All this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Ash, the rest of the track managers and of course our trusted Regional IT and Deployment teams. Without their assistance and support, I don’t think the RTR team could have had a successful ATLAS go-live in Philippines last April,” she added.


 “The BSI team is one of the strongest teams I’ve worked with. With dedication and hard work, we manage to overcome many of the challenges during APAC1’s go-live. And I hope they continue their achievements from strength to strength.”


YN will be moving on to a new role in Amway Korea Limited (AKL) as the Sales Strategy & Experience Manager. Her new role requires her to develop sales strategies and support the ABO experience.


“My background is in Finance and I have always had a natural talent for numbers. This role is a major switch from Finance to Sales, but after two decades in Finance, I will take this as a challenge and strive to excel.”


Asked about the first thing she would do once she touched down Korea, this is what she said: “Well, I would really like to go for a vacation with my family, and of course, visit my extended family and my in-laws who have been very supportive. I’m also glad to have been blessed with a very supportive husband whom I have been away from for the better part of the past three years; it would be nice spending time reconnecting.”


Her final message is to her team, whom she will sorely miss.


“And to my lovely team, I can never find a team as strong as this. I enjoy working hand-in-hand with you all. Please take the positive approach and be analytical with any decision you take. Always lead by example for other tracks too,” she continued. 


We also spoke to some of YN’s team members and this is what they had to say:


“YN indeed is a good leader who has driven the team to achieve objectives within tight schedules. True, she is very outspoken at time, but she has a big heart. I will never say goodbye but see you soon!” – Windy Kong, Finance Executive, R2R.


“YN has been the team’s inspiration to move forward and she has managed to cultivate good energy to handle a big project like ATLAS” – Khairul Izwan Sukur, Lead Business Analyst, R2R. 


YN’s move to Korea will certainly leave a hole in BSI. As simple as she appears to be, her confidence at everything she does and approach at every given task is exceptional.


What has made her so unique and amazing is her thirst for excellence and the ability to think outside the box. We wish YN all the best for her future role, with loads of success and good fortune!